The Colosseum

Today we are going to practice comma sandwiches, adverbial openers and show not tell sentences. We are going to be writing about the Roman Colosseum and how someone would have felt walking into the arena to face a gladiator or the lions.

Can you describe the Colosseum on the thinglink below or as a comment?

  • Sam Mckler says:

    The stone crumbled around the edge of the vast coliseum and moss grew at the top of the wall.Fearlessly the roman soldier,who gave up the chance for a wife and child, was married to the army.The cavernous space inside the coliseum looked like an asteroid had just hit the ground. The crowd sounded like an elephant was coming to town. The soldier went into the dungeons, whilst he was waiting for the Celts to come his legs were shaking and his teeth were chattering and his hair was sweating like mad. It was so wet it looked like it had just rained. His mouth frowned as he went to the battle ground. As he forced his sword to swing out, he can see the red blood dripping down the sharp glittering blade.

  • Olivia says:

    I really liked learning together this year. I also liked learning about the Coliseum and the Romans. They did stuff that we are still doing today like using honey in medicine.

  • ruby says:

    Eerily the wind drifted slowly ,through the perminently open windows of the colosseum. Constructed many years ago,the gladiators ferociously battled with pride in the arena.The colosseom stood tall towering over the croud.Its gigantic structure,dwarfing all who entered there.The walls of the colosseam were dusty and dry,slowly crumbling over with the passing of time.Loudly the people who entered could hear all of the loud noise the croud made.

  • Mrs Atherton says:

    Class 7, I love your adverbial openers and comma sandwiches. You’ve been working really hard.