Monet-inspired landscapes

This half-term we are focusing on landscapes and cityscapes. We looked at some of Monet’s famous paintings and talked about his love of painting his garden. Miss Gardner gave us a masterclass in perspective and we sketched the outline of our scene before using our fingers to paint.

Here are some pieces of our artwork which were inspired by his work and garden:

FullSizeRender (1)Garden Door

What do you like most about our paintings? How do they make you feel? What do you notice about the colours we have chosen?

  • william says:

    class11.william:i love them paintings I really like the bottom right painting

  • Mia and Victoria says:

    you put a very big effort into this piece of work .

  • Jake says:

    I like how you brushed to make the teaksh

  • Mrs Brazington says:

    Wow! Class 7 I love your paintings! They make me smile and feel happy. They also make me want Spring/Summer to hurry up!

  • sophie and hayley says:

    Anna’s swishing, beautiful hair bounced up and down while she skipped gracefully! Her smile was wide and she was showing her pearly white teeth. Her eyes are gleaming with wonder and joy! She has rosy, red cheeks that glow in the sunshine.