Live from the Class 7 Newsroom…

IMG_4930Last half term in Geography, we looked at tsunamis. The word ‘tsunami’ is Japanese and means ‘harbour wave’. We watched some videos about tsunamis before focusing on the one which happened in Japan in 2011.

Here is a good video explaining about it.

We then had to write our own news reports about the Tsunami to inform other classes about what happened. Here are some of them:

Class 7 Newsroom – 1 from Miss Young on Vimeo.

Class 7 Newsroom – 2 from Miss Young on Vimeo.

Class 7 Newsroom – 3 from Miss Young on Vimeo.

Class 7 Newsroom – 4 from Miss Young on Vimeo.

One of our scripts:


  • Melanie says:

    I love the video about Japan, you are a lucky class!

  • Megan and Sophie says:

    WOW! Well done everybody :]

  • Gabriel Ruby says:

    Well done class 7, we are from class 11 and we really liked your news report 😉

  • Mrs Brazington says:

    Great job Class 7!

  • Mr Coop says:

    Awesome work Class 7, I bet Miss Young is so proud of you all! I loved how everyone spoke so confidently in front of the camera. I look forward to seeing some of you on the evening news in the future!
    A big Well Done from everyone in Class 4C!

  • Jonathan says:

    This work is really good. You all had brilliant ideas but the hole group idea was the best.

  • Remi says:

    Well done Finn and everybody else