Fair Trade Picnic!


Today we had a Fair Trade picnic. We enjoyed ice-cream, bananas, pineapple, melon and some chocolate – all Fair Trade certified!


Look out for the logo in shops and join us for our class assembly on Thursday 19th May at 9:15am, when we’ll be telling our family and friends all about what we have learnt.


  • cl72013 says:

    good work class 7 I wonder what the cholket tast lick

  • marshall says:

    well done it looks like you had an amazing time then I bet it was delicious

  • lucy k says:

    I really would love to do what you have done it looks SOOOOO fun I hope you enjoyed yourselves because its an outstanding activity

  • Jonathan says:

    WOW! Looks like you had an amazing time. I didn’t know freddo’s were fair trade. There is so much to learn.

  • Miss Hunley says:

    Wow, what a great idea! I am a Kindergarten teacher and my students would love to have a picnic. What have you learned so far about food being fair-trade certified?