CCTV Class 7 8.12.15 from Mrs Atherton on Vimeo.

Miss Young looked at the CCTV and it was incredible! We decided that we wanted to keep our dragon and so we wrote some persuasive letters to Mrs Sarginson

Here is one example:

Dear Mrs Sarginson,
I am writing to try to persuade you to let class 7 keep our dragon. Wouldn’t you love to have a unique, amazing dragon in Hopwood CP School?

We plan to train our dragon to use his fire to cook our school dinners so the dinner lades do not have to cook. Class 7 are good class to keep the pet because we are responsble.

Class 7 are the perfect choise to look after a dragon because we will look after it. We would make sure that it was well looked after and create to a rota for the jobs.

Some people many think that a dragon would be drangerous yet our dragon is trained so he wont bite. The dragon would be great at guarding our school at night time and he or she will mark Miss Young’s books so she doesn’t have to mark them at school.

In conclusion, I think class 7 should be alowed to keep our dragon decause it will guard and protect our precious school. He will play with everyone and be a spectacular mascot for our school.

Yours sincerely,