Before Nightfall, by Bradley

Bravely, Jane Eagle marched further across the expansive desert, sweat dripping from her fringe. She had to get to the item before the sun dropped below the horizon. Thankfully, she had brought her trusty compass to guide her there before nightfall.

Just then Jane noticed something in the corner of her eye and it looked like a pyramid. It said that the pyramid was facing north so she checked it was. as she sprinted down the sandy corridors she noticed it was getting lighter for the crystal of power  could give infinite light. he stopped something was wrong it was his arch enemy , Mr Valchof had the crystal.

Jane had an idea she threw her compass at Valchof and grabbed the crystal. It was getting dark so she had to hurry back to the plane. Valchof was chasing her but luckily the plane was there. she had to get back before twelve or her mission would be failed. “curse you Jain eagle!” Valchof exclaimed.