3_ed sentences

Today we have been writing exciting sentence openers. 3_ed sentence start with 3 emotions which have the suffix ‘ed’.

We used this video of the terrifying Queen of Hearts to give us inspiration for how Alice would be feeling at that moment.

We then made a padlet of our ‘-ed’ emotion word ideas (feel free to add more!):

Here are some of the amazing sentences we wrote:

Scared, frightened, worried, Alice was trying to secretly hide from the mean Queen of Hearts.
By Hayley.

Enchanted, amazed, elated, the Cheshire Cat was excited because he saw Alice.
By Leo.

Hurried, worried, scared, the White Rabbit sprinted to the Queen shouting, “I’m late”.
By Dylan.

Worried, terrified, scared, Alice was being chased by the rich, lazy Queen of Hearts.
By Sophie.

Enchanted, fascinated, entertained, Alice ran after the fluffy, white Rabbit.
By Jaiden.

  • Miss Baker says:

    Wow you’ve had some really good creative ideas! Great work Class 7!

  • Miss Carnell says:

    Wow!! Very impressive sentences class 7. You have been working very hard.

  • Miss Gardner says:

    I know how hard you have all been working this week. Fantastic effort class 7!

  • Alan Peat says:

    Really well done to you all – I really enjoyed reading your writing! Keep up the great work.