Grid References

This afternoon we are looking at grid references. The red line on the map plots the route of the tornado we saw in our playground through Heywood. Which landmarks can you see on the map? Can you find the four figure grid reference for a local landmark? We plotted some on the thinglink below.

  • Ethan says:

    First the tornado stated in Heywood in a corner. Then after it had finished the entire towns buildings were destroyed so they had no homes or services.

  • Ruby says:

    Killingly, the wind swept through the playground. The wing grabbed the trees and pulled them in to the monstrous whirl wind! The animals near the whirl wind would be pulled right in and took away. You wouldn’t want to go near this killing tornado it would drag you in and keep you in the wind you would never escape!!!
    The tornado made a lot of grey and dirty dust . It also made a lot of deafening noise.The whirl wind swept a lot of leaves and even a cow!

  • Harry says:

    Suddenly there was a deafening noise, all of a sudden, a swirling tornado appeared in our school playground.

    It was bizarre as it had come from now where, it was gigantic, dangerous and gaining energy as it circulated round.

    As quick as a flash it was gone. It left lots of debris and nobody could play out, the school roof was damaged and everything looked abandoned, lots of children were left feeling frightened.

  • nicole says:

    The mysterious tornado has been around the school and as the spinning spiret to break every thing to the school and we wont be able to learn new stuff for the new children. Who ever is in the school and its hapening we will be dead. The tornato is is is crossing the city but only got the fantastic city but was a terrible day and had to build the ciy again.

  • Sam says:

    Cautiously, I peered through class 10’s window with my nose squeezed against the cold glass and my hands at the side of my face. I could not believe my eyes, a tordando was swirling around the school playground like a spinning top. Amazingly, I watched a cow hover over the playground whilst mooing for help. Twigs, stones, dust and pieces of paper were flying with the cow like bullets, shooting at a camera that was videoing the tornado.

  • Oliver.P says:

    I like the Tornado at Hopwwood, it bloo branches rubbish and a Cow, but at the end it smashed the camera, do hope the camera man is alright?

  • Thomas says:

    I really like how you detailed the playground and you made every thing fly especially the cow and how you put it in the video