Natural Disasters, by Thomas

Natural Disaster

This report will tell you all about the natural disasters from volcanoes , earthquakes and tornadoes. Before making up your mind which is the biggest natural disaster you will need to read this report.

What happens when a volcano is formed?

When a volcano is forming you should be able to feel heat under your feet , see a little lump in the ground and it could be anywhere. The pressure builds up from under ground making a lumpy shape on top. There are 3 stages of a volcano active , dormant and extinct. Active is where it could erupt any second. dormant means it won’t erupt for 1000 years and extinct means it will never erupt again.

How do plates create an earthquake?

To create an earthquake the plates start rubbing against each other and over each other and finally  a split creates a big push on the Earth’s crust which keeps repeating which shakes the ground. An earthquake can last for several seconds or an hour.

How is a tornado formed?

A tornado is formed by when the hot air meets the cold air , there can be rain , thunder and lightening. Lots of big clouds role in and a little funnel appears. It gets bigger but thinner , tornadoes are measured F1 , F2 , F3 , F4 and F5.


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