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Can you vote for your favourite logo?

My story starter, by Daniel

Can you find a show not tell sentence?

I can use show not tell sentences, by Olivia

The day started perfectly. Wizards and elves entered the building and talked to their friends. People washed the cars, checked the sirens and checked the diesel limits. There was a man called Dumbledore who always had a smile on his face every day. Just then a strange man approached the station. Dumbledore’s smile wiped off his face and turned into a suspicious look. He narrowed his eyes to this apprehensive man. Dumbledore was at the other side of the cavernous station…

Can you find my show not tell sentences?

Show not tell!

Today we are going to use the show not tell sentences we looked at yesterday. There is an image of a person on the popplet below. You need to decide the answers to the questions around him and we will add your thoughts on to the popplet. Remember to use interesting vocabulary!

Now we know a little more about him, your next task is to plan a story that you are going to be write this week.

Enterprise Logo

This afternoon we have been designing our own logos for our enterprise project. We took a class vote on our name and decided upon Fantastic Formaggio. Then we looked at some pizza logos and box designs before thinking of our own. Some of us drew our own designs and some of us used the website Logofactoryweb to design our logos. Here are some of our designs. We will be picking our final logo later in the week.