Our Postcard, by Thomas and Daisy

Thomas and Daisy postcard

Do you like our postcard?

Do you think we could improve it?

Our Postcard, by Xavier and Harrison

Xavier and Harrison postcard

Do you like our postcard?

Do you think we could improve it?

Our Postcard, by Freya and Liam

freya and liam poscard

Do you like our postcard?

How could we improve it?


We are creating our own volcanic postcards using Publisher in our computing lessons.

Once our postcards are finished we will be posting them to New Zealand to Mr Webb and Room Three.

Their primary school is in Taranaki and they live near a volcano, pictured below.

What questions might you like to ask them?

Why did we search for and save images of Snowdonia and Edinburgh Castle for our postcards?

Do you know of any other volcanoes around the world?

Words Within Words

We had a video message from Stella Speller this morning. Watch the video and see how many words you can find within your spellings this week.

Stella Speller – Words Within Words from Mrs Atherton on Vimeo.

Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Today we are going to take part in an Hour of Code during our computing lesson to earn our hour of code certificates.


Harry Potter

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Have you read any of the Harry Potter books?

Can you write a book review for any of the Harry Potter books that you have read?

Harry Potter book review

Have you got a favourite character?

Which is your favourite book?

Do you have a different favourite author or book series?

The Suitcase Kid


We have been reading The Suitcase Kid by Jacqueline Wilson as our class novel.

This week we have been fining evidence in a text to support our answers.

How do you think Andi is feeling in the picture below?

What evidence can you find in the text to support your answer?

How do you think she is feeling about leaving Mulberry Cottage?


When my parents split up they didn’t know what to do with me. My mum wanted to go and live with her. My dad wanted me to go and live with him. I didn’t want to go and live at my mum’s new place or my dad’s new place. I wanted to stay living in our old place, Mulberry Cottage, the three of us together. Four, counting my pet Sylvanian Family spotted rabbit Radish.

There were all these arguments about who would get custody of me. I thought they were talking about custard at first. I hate custard because you can never tell when there’s going to be a lump and it sticks in your throat and makes you shudder.

My mum got mad and my dad got mad and I got mad too. I felt I was being split up. Half of me wanted to side with Mum. Half of me wanted to side with Dad. It was much easier for Radish. She just sided with me. She lives in my pocket so there’s never been any hassle over who gets custody of her.

We had to go for family counselling. It seemed a bit daft because my mum and dad didn’t want to be a family any more. This lady chatted to me. She was trying to be ever so casual but I know she was trying to suss thing out. She has some little dolls in her office, a mummy doll and a daddy doll and a whole set of children dolls in different sizes. She wanted me to play with them. I poked the mummy doll and the daddy doll in the stomachs and said I didn’t like playing with silly old dolls.

But this lady saw me fiddling about in my pocket and she got a glimpse of Radish. I like to hold her tight when I’m feeling funny.

“Oh, what a dear little toy. Do let me have a look,” she said, in that silly voice grownups always use when they’re trying to get you to like them.

“She not a toy, she’s a mascot,” I said. I didn’t want to show her Radish at all. She’s mine and she’s private. But I had to let this lady paw her about and undo her frock and turn her upside down in a very rude sort of way.

“What’s Bunny’s name?” she asked.

You’d have thought I was two years old, not ten. I just shrugged and shook my head.

“That’s Radish,” said Mum. “Andrea’s had her for years and years. She’s a very important member of our family.”

“Actually, I bought Radish for Andrea. As a silly Saturday present. I like to give her a little treat now and then,” said Dad.


Improving our Spinning Tops

This week we have been thinking about ways in which we can improve our spinning tops. We discussed the different ways that we could change them and decided that we could make them taller, shorter, wider, thinner, lighter or heavier. You can listen to some of our predictions below. Which variable do you think would make the spinning top spin for longer?

Our Lego Creatures

Today we have been making a spinning top and handle in ICT and programming the motor to make it spin with LEGO WeDo. Spinning tops would be one of the kinds of toys that Victorian children played with. Before we started construction we had a warm up task to make our own creatures. Watch the Animoto below to see what our imaginations created.

What noise would your creature make?

Heywood’s History

Can you share a fact about our new topic? What would you like to find out? What do you already know?

Made with Padlet

Hopwood’s History Timeline

Throughout the year, each class will be adding posts to the timeline, which will include key historical dates and periods from their learning.

My Lion Poem, by Freya

If you want to see a lion,

You must go to the dark, scary end,

Of the spooky green forest.


I know a lion,

Who’s living down there,

She’s a – mean, she’s a – scary, she’s a – hungry,

She’s a – hasty.


But if you really want to see a lion,

You must go to the spooky green forest,

And she’ll come right in front of you,

But don’t stay standing or she’ll pounce up at you, so



My Panda Poem, by Daisy

If you want to see a panda

You must go down to the dangerous , wild end

Of the amazing jungle.


I know a panda,

Who’s living up there,

She’s a – big, she’s a – funny, she’s a  – nice

She’s a – silly.


But if you really want to see a panda

You must go down the dangerous ,wild  end

Of the amazing jungle.


Go down slowly to the jungle and say

Panda mama

Panda mama

Panda Mamaaaaaaaaa!


And she’ll rise,

But don’t take your time eating your dinner,


Wilder beast, by Alex

If you want to see a wilder beast

You must go over to the dry sandy, atmosphere

Of the African desert.


I know a wilder beast

Who’s living over there

He’s a fierce. He’s a deadly. He’s a scary.

He’s a ferocious.


But if you want to see a wilder beast

You must go over to the dry, sandy, atmosphere

Of the African desert

Go down curiously to the savannah and say

Wilder beast papa

Wilder beast papa

Wider beast papapa.


And up hell rise but don’t wait to see its reactions


Poetry Week

This week our school is holding a Poetry Week in celebration on National Poetry Day on 6th October 2016.

If you want to see an alligator

you must go down the muddy slushy end

of the old Caroony River.

I know an alligator

who’s living down there.

She’s a-big. She’s a-mean. She’s a-wild.

She’s a-fierce.

But if you really want to see an alligator

you must go down to the muddy slushy end

of the old Caroony River.

Go down gently to that river and say

‘Alligator Mama

Alligator Mama

Alligator Mamaaaaaaa.’

And up she’ll rise

but don’t stick around


During the week we are going to be looking at features of poetry and have a go at writing our own versions of the poem above.

What are the features of this poem?

Can you find pairs of words that rhyme?

Can you think of some different adverbs and adjectives to use instead?


Dream Jars

To celebrate 100 years of Roald Dahl we have been writing our own dreams for the BFG to collect and put in the dream jars.

What were the ingredients for your dream jar?

Who were the characters in your dream?

My Setting Description, by Amelia

Germany has a boiling hot sun in the cloudy, blue sky. If you look closely you can see big colourful birds . You can listen to people  play bongo drums . You can smell freshly cooked food in fancy restaurants and watch people walking to places. I can feel the wind go through fingers.

My Setting Description, by Xavier

The dangerous hot jungles  of Africa are very dark and surprising. It’s dark so you can’t go whatever way you want unless you have a torch. The lions are in the grass.

Our Adventure Stories

This week we have been looking at adventure stories and next week we are going to be planning and writing our own.

We are going to be planning and writing descriptions of our characters and settings.

Can you remember what the features of an adventure story are?

Can you share your character or setting description?


Our topic this half term is pollution. Can you share a fact about pollution? Add a post to the Padlet below or add a comment underneath.

New School Year

Welcome back to school and Year 3.

We hope you have all had a great summer and you are ready for the year ahead. We are looking forward to exploring new topics with you and sharing our learning and writing on our blog.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Musical Playground Games with Class 8

Today we had an amazing time learning some new clapping and skipping games with Class 8. Watch our animoto to see more:

Challenge: Ask someone at home who is older than you to teach you their favourite clapping/skipping game. What did they teach you?

World Record Attempt – Largest Reading Lesson

Today we took part in a very exciting event. We took part in an attempt to break the World Record for the largest reading lesson ever. We listened to J K Rowling reading the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and then we discussed the writing an wrote some incredible scene settings, inspired by her work.

IMG_5576 IMG_5580