Show not tell sentences

We have been practising writing show not tell sentences in literacy.

Show not tell sentences are when you describe a character’s actions and body language to describe their mood or feelings rather than using words like angry, upset or shocked.

Image result for the mad hatter

So instead of writing the Mad Hatter was sad, you could write

One tear slowly ran down the Mad Hatter’s face as he stared at the floor.

Can you describe one of the characters above using a show not tell sentence?


  • hopwoodcp says:

    With his arms crossed and his eyelids half closed, Roger’s mouth was in a straight line. He made a short sigh. Next to him was his dog Pongo who was growling like a werewolf. Howling, his ears were drooping like a plait dangling from your head.

    By Ria

  • hopwoodcp says:

    With her jaw wide open and huge eyes, Ariel rapidly jumped back. She slowly put her hand on her chest and gasped.

    By Xavier