My Twisted Fairy Tale, by Harrison

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful girl called little red riding hood. She asked her mother if she could go and visit her Grandma. So little red riding hood walked through the dark, spooky forest. Suddenly  from out of the tree a fast squirrel screamed “A wolf has eaten your Grandmother! We must go and save her.” They ran along the path to collect poisonous, dangerous berries to poison the wold.

They got to the old cottage and gave him the poisonous berries and he began to feel sick. The wood cutter came and chopped the wolf in half and saved Grandmother. They lived happily ever after.

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The end.

  • Mrs Atherton says:

    Well done Harrison, I like your description of the forest and how you’ve used screamed instead of said. I wonder what Grandma’s cottage looked like. What adjectives could you use to describe it?

    Mrs Atherton