This week we have been learning about different types of poetry including limericks, haikus and kennings. We have recorded one of our poems to share with you!

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Show not tell sentences

We have been practising writing show not tell sentences in literacy.

Show not tell sentences are when you describe a character’s actions and body language to describe their mood or feelings rather than using words like angry, upset or shocked.

Image result for the mad hatter

So instead of writing the Mad Hatter was sad, you could write

One tear slowly ran down the Mad Hatter’s face as he stared at the floor.

Can you describe one of the characters above using a show not tell sentence?


The Hogwarts Sound Collector

Today we have been adapting the Sound Collector poem and giving it a magical Hogwarts twist.

We all started with the same opening stanza, then we wrote our own stanzas.

Can you share your favourite line from your poem?

A stranger called at Hogwarts this morning

Dressed all in black and grey

Put every sound into a bag

And carried them away.

Owl Delivery!

There was a little owl visitor waiting for us when we came to school this morning with a special delivery for each class.

We got our letter in assembly this morning. What do you think is inside?

We couldn’t wait any longer…

My Twisted Fairy Tale, by Harrison

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful girl called little red riding hood. She asked her mother if she could go and visit her Grandma. So little red riding hood walked through the dark, spooky forest. Suddenly  from out of the tree a fast squirrel screamed “A wolf has eaten your Grandmother! We must go and save her.” They ran along the path to collect poisonous, dangerous berries to poison the wold.

They got to the old cottage and gave him the poisonous berries and he began to feel sick. The wood cutter came and chopped the wolf in half and saved Grandmother. They lived happily ever after.

Image result for little red riding hood

The end.

Words Within Words

We had a video message from Stella Speller this morning. Watch the video and see how many words you can find within your spellings this week.

Stella Speller – Words Within Words from Mrs Atherton on Vimeo.

My Setting Description, by Amelia

Germany has a boiling hot sun in the cloudy, blue sky. If you look closely you can see big colourful birds . You can listen to people  play bongo drums . You can smell freshly cooked food in fancy restaurants and watch people walking to places. I can feel the wind go through fingers.

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, by Ryan

Once upon a time it was my special,great grans birthday.Rapidly,I was baking her tasty chocolate cake. Eventually, I ran out of flour so I checked on my neighbour to borrow some.

So, I went to the first pig’s house but for some reason he started to be mean and not let me have any flour. All of a sudden, my throat was tickly. “BING BANG”. I had a mighty, big cough. Unexpectedly, the pig was fried in the centre of the poor, crumbled house.

Rapidly, I knocked on the second pig’s house. “Please could I have some flour?” The pig replied, “get lost,” the second nasty pig yelled. Nervously, my throat tickled again. “BONG BANG”. I coughed the house down. Hungrily, my stomach rumbled, I licked my lips and ate the pig.

So, I went to the tarmac house. Suddenly, I told the pig to let me in. “No you bad wolf!” snarled the third pig ungratefully. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel good. “BOOM!” I coughed but thankfully it did not knock the house down.

However, the animal doctors knew I had a bad cough so I went to the hospital and they made me better. And they gave me flour for my dear old granny’s cake.

Delivery for Class 7!

imageYesterday we discovered a parcel and letter had been delivered for Class 7. Here is a copy of the letter we received.

We are reading the story of Alice in Wonderland. Have you read this book already? What is you favourite part of the story? Do you have a favourite character?