The Day Vesuvius Erupted… By Ellie

It all started when me and my friend were hurling juicy, smooth olives at each other. All seemed a normal day in my home town, the gorgeous Pompeii…

Me and my friend Clio had beaming smiles on our faces as we raced each other to the top of the steep hill. We drew at the race. When we got to the top we fell on the floor in a flurry of laughter and panting. We then started to roll around. Unexpectedly, we heard a crash as loud as a sonic boom. “What was it?” we thought.

Next we saw grey ash and black smoke billowing out of the top of Vesuvius. I was sure it was erupting although I didn’t want to believe it! I could feel tears welling in my eyes. I took a glance over at Clio to see she was sobbing already. We had to get down Vesuvius! We started to sprint as fast as our legs could carry us down Vesuvius.

We both burst into my mums house screaming and panting. I warned her that we had to go to the boat deck. As we went to the boat deck, we started to clamber into the cart like a herd of elephants. All our faces were full of horror. We whipped the horses to set off.

Soon we arrived at the chilly, gigantic harbor. We all pushed and shoved each other onto a boat and soon we were far out at sea. Pompeii was just a tiny dot in the distance. But the question was, where were we going to go?