Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis, by Isabelle

This Report will provide you with lots of interesting facts about natural disasters.Today,we will be talking about natural disasters and how dangerous they are.Did you know that the word volcano was made by the roman fire god,Vulcan? So what are natural disasters?

How are Tornadoes formed?

Tornado!The word Tornado is a definite word for disaster.Tornadoes form like this:First,Ithas too be a really warm day.The warm air,that has been pushed to the ground and It comes back up.Secondly,warm air meets the cold air,it forms a cumulonimbus and then a vortex ,creating a funnel and then…….TORNADO!!


Can you find any features of an explanation text in my writing?

  • Mrs Atherton says:

    I really enjoyed reading your explanation text Isabelle. The introduction is lively, interesting and makes me want to find out more. I can see that you have used questions and technical vocabulary in your writing. Don’t forget to use the space bar after your punctuation. Keep up the good work!

    Mrs Atherton