Water Transportation Investigation

Yesterday in science, we learnt about how water is transported through a stem. Evaporation of water from the leaves causes the stems to suck up more water.

We wanted to find out if temperature changes how quickly water is sucked up by a stem. So we set up an experiment.

We used food colouring in water so we could tell if the water had traveled up the stems. Then, we put one flower in a hot temperature (above a radiator), one at room temperature and one in the fridge. We plan to observe our experiment to see what happens and then use our findings to write a conclusion!

IMG_5167 IMG_5171 IMG_5163 IMG_5172

The Sound Collector

This week we have been looking at a poem by Robert McGough called ‘The Sound Collector’. We read through it, discussed the rhyme scheme used (ABCB) and spoke about the types of sounds mentioned in the poem.

You can listen to the poem here:

The Sound Collector by Roger McGough from CLPE on Vimeo.

We used this poem as inspiration to write our own versions.

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, by Ryan

Once upon a time it was my special,great grans birthday.Rapidly,I was baking her tasty chocolate cake. Eventually, I ran out of flour so I checked on my neighbour to borrow some.

So, I went to the first pig’s house but for some reason he started to be mean and not let me have any flour. All of a sudden, my throat was tickly. “BING BANG”. I had a mighty, big cough. Unexpectedly, the pig was fried in the centre of the poor, crumbled house.

Rapidly, I knocked on the second pig’s house. “Please could I have some flour?” The pig replied, “get lost,” the second nasty pig yelled. Nervously, my throat tickled again. “BONG BANG”. I coughed the house down. Hungrily, my stomach rumbled, I licked my lips and ate the pig.

So, I went to the tarmac house. Suddenly, I told the pig to let me in. “No you bad wolf!” snarled the third pig ungratefully. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel good. “BOOM!” I coughed but thankfully it did not knock the house down.

However, the animal doctors knew I had a bad cough so I went to the hospital and they made me better. And they gave me flour for my dear old granny’s cake.

2D shapes

Yesterday we used geoboards to investigate 2D shapes. We discovered that shapes can have the same names but look very different!

Key vocabulary we were using in our discussions:
* regular
* irregular
* sides
* vertices
* length

IMG_4994 IMG_4992 IMG_5004

Can you write a sentence to describe something you learnt today, Class 7?

Live from the Class 7 Newsroom…

IMG_4930Last half term in Geography, we looked at tsunamis. The word ‘tsunami’ is Japanese and means ‘harbour wave’. We watched some videos about tsunamis before focusing on the one which happened in Japan in 2011.

Here is a good video explaining about it.

We then had to write our own news reports about the Tsunami to inform other classes about what happened. Here are some of them:

Class 7 Newsroom – 1 from Miss Young on Vimeo.

Class 7 Newsroom – 2 from Miss Young on Vimeo.

Class 7 Newsroom – 3 from Miss Young on Vimeo.

Class 7 Newsroom – 4 from Miss Young on Vimeo.

One of our scripts:


How to get to Neverland, by Kirsten


These instructions will tell you how to get to Neverland. Neverland is a island that children visit in their dreams and where anything can happen. To visit it, you have to be able to fly.

You will need:

  • Pixie Dust
  • Happy thoughts
  • A fairy
  • Good imagination
  • Belief

1.Firstly, sprinkle some pixie dust all over you.

2.Next, think of happy thoughts like playing in the snow.

3.After that, jump and try to fly around the room.

4.Then, go and fly around London and stand on the clock.

5.A little while later, go to the second star to the right and straight on till morning.

6.Then, fly through the star to get to Neverland.

7. Finally, you are in Neverland.

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