Ancient Greece

This half term we will be learning about the Ancient Greeks. We will keep adding facts as we learn more so check back regularly and feel free to add your own!

Tiger Metaphors

Quickly discussing all of the features of a tiger we could describe using metaphors:

Then planning as a group what objects or things we could say that the features are.

IMG_8024 IMG_8025 IMG_8026

Some of the metaphors we wrote:

The Tiger’s  teeth are deadly, sharp razors which can bite through any type of meat.

By Sophie

The tigers teeth are sharp ,spiky  thorns.

By Mia

Her coat is a strong ,massive blanket.

By Alfie.

The tiger’s body is a stripey, black, comfy bed.

By Kirsten.

Her claws are bulging, deadly blades.

By Ryan.

Her eyes are gleaming, fierce stars.

By Ella.

Could you add your own metaphor in the comments below?

Marvelous Mediterranean Facts!

Our exciting geography topic has allowed us to explore the Mediterranean. So far we have found the area on a world map, learnt about the climate, discovered the currencies used in each country and even tasted some delicious Mediterranean food!

Can you find 3 facts about a Mediterranean country to help us to learn even more? If they are about Spain or Italy we could use them in our non-chronological report writing this week!