Tornado in Hopwood Primary School Playground

On Thursday the 18th of June an extraordinary event happened at Hopwood Community Primary School, reports Mr.  Manuel. At 11.20am an unusual weather front developed causing what appears to be Heywood’s first ever recorded Tornado. Trees were blown to the ground, windows shattered and cars overturned. The children were ordered into the main school hall as warnings of the oncoming tornado were circulated. Luckily there were no casualties or fatalities in Heywood or the surrounding areas, and although scared, due to the tremendous sound and strength of the tornado, which at one point touched down in the schools playground , the children all came through unscathed with an exciting story to tell their parents when they got home. No structural damage was reported at the school so it will business as usual, and all pupils are expected to be back in class on Monday.

Olivia’s tornado description

The monstrous tornado ripped through Heywood like an aeroplane on high speed. It made a loud noise like this”AHHHHH!”. It is really deafening in your small ears. You could be deaf if you went too close! It can kill lots of people and rune your home,sewer and absolutely every thing. This leaves Heywood a wreck.

Everything would be destroyed,completely. You would have to find another place to live in. It runes Heywood and everyone’s valuables. It was a bit like a ghost town!

Dani’s Tornado Description…

In a shock, a terrifying tornado struck Heywood. It hit many things in Heywood like houses, shops and the electric cables and the water pipes which carried the leftovers form the toilets! Most importantly it hit emergency services like police stations, fire stations and hospitals. A few police cars managed to survive.
It travelled as fast as a car on a main road, it spun 40 miles per hour! It looked like an ice cream spinning really fast but not an ice cream you would want to eat!
It was also hailing with ice at the same time. It knocked over everything in its path. It managed to pick up a tree and dropped it on a car. I was in school doing English when it happened.

Katie’s tornado report

Today, 27th April 2011, in Downtown Tuscaloosa, a devastating tornado has struck.  41 people died and 93,000 people were in the city. The mayor ,Walter Maddocks, is 3 miles north at Incident Command he said, “We have no more water, no electric and no sewage.” Emergency services are grounded and homes  and schools are being evacuated. People are not safe, find some cover. This started at 5:09. Cameras are catching the destroyed streets and homes.

Ruby’s news report

Today ,2011 27th April, a monstrous tornado has hit Tuscaloosa. Unfortunately 41 people  died and many family’s were devastated that they had lost some people. 93,000 people evacuated their homes to find a safe place. The mayor Walter Maddocks is 3 miles North at incident command. They had no electricity or water.

Everyone so disappointed and some people lost their homes ! All the ambulances were destroyed police stations have been hit and everything is so helpless.

Nicole’s tornado report

Today, 27th April 2011,in downtown Tuscaloosa, a deweshantly tomato has deplravedthe City.93,000 have had to evdeage their home and fired a safe shelter. 4:53pm-the  tomato is on the outfits of town. the streets are destroyed. People advice to stay safe.5:01pm-the tornado hits!the mayor,Walter modokes ,is  3 miles north atineident commands.the tornado  is thermal because it is going round and around for serious problems like the buildings and nowhere to live and eat.

Thomas’s Tuscaloosa tornado

Today 27th April a large tornado has hit Tuscaloosa .93,000people have a to evacuate their homes for saftey and shelter so they could be protected.

The Mayer has Somthing to say you all better take cover or else you could b kiled by the tornado  because you could be sucked up and be trapped where you couldent breath or anything.

Grace’s Tuscaloosa tornado news report

Tuscalula Tornado

This tornado started on the 27th April 2011 and it was downtown In Tuscalula,in the U.S.A 93,000 people are alive now but know 41 people have died.At 4:53pm it started and at 5:01pm it ended it was really fast,and windy.
The Mayer,Walter maddoks is three miles north at incident command.A Mayer is the boss of the country.When the tornado started and then it ended they were no electric or electric or water or no utilities.
The police they got blown up and all of the ambulances blown up so only 20 police cars and 10 ambulances got blown up.And emerging services are grounded.
School ,Homes and buildings are really blown up.

Olivia’s news report

Today, 27th of April. Tuscaloosa has been hit by a monstrous tornado which has destroyed it! People are being asked to evacuate their homes to get to safety. It is a city of 93,000 people and 41 have been killed by the terrible tornado.

Nathan’s news report

Last night Tuscaloosa had a devastating tornado. At 5/0pm the tornado struck and killed 14 people. 93,000 had to level the hole town . If I was  you I wood take cube.

Sam’s news report

Today downtown a tornado has taken place in Tuscaloosa.41 people died and in the full city there is 93,000 people. The mayor says everybody must take shelter. All the emergency services have all gone they got hit by the tornado.There is no water, no sewer pipes and houses.

All the cars are destroyed and people are running all around in terror. If you can see the tornado, please take shelter.


We are going to write a report about the tornado featured in the clip below. What key facts are mentioned in the video?

Grid References

This afternoon we are looking at grid references. The red line on the map plots the route of the tornado we saw in our playground through Heywood. Which landmarks can you see on the map? Can you find the four figure grid reference for a local landmark? We plotted some on the thinglink below.

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The Colosseum by Emelia and Isaac

The  cavernous Colosseum, which is about to collapse , is constructed using crumbling stone. Quickly, the gladiator swung his shiny sword at the opposition

The colosseum by Miaa and Logan

The Colosseum, which looks like it is going to collapse, is 2000 years old. Cautiously, a gladiator would have peered inside to see the crowd who would watch him fight.

The Colosseum, by Jake and Jamie.

The Colosseum, which was infamous, has a cavernous battlefield for the terrifying Roman soldiers to fight there arch-enimies. In the Colosseum are Roman soldiers. Some terrified, some are brave, but who knows who will die?