Hopwood’s History Timeline

Throughout the year, each class will be adding posts to the timeline, which will include key historical dates and periods from their learning.

World News

Show not tell sentences

We have been practising writing show not tell sentences in literacy.

Show not tell sentences are when you describe a character’s actions and body language to describe their mood or feelings rather than using words like angry, upset or shocked.

Image result for the mad hatter

So instead of writing the Mad Hatter was sad, you could write

One tear slowly ran down the Mad Hatter’s face as he stared at the floor.

Can you describe one of the characters above using a show not tell sentence?


The Haunted House by Alex

The mysterious, strange bookshelf hung gently from the cracked, suspicious wall. The old, broken window lay close to the crooked branch. The large, rusty grandfather clock lies next to the old, dirty mantelpiece. The uncomfortable, Victorian-style arm chair is next to the dusty vase. The glistening, beaming chandelier magically hung from the cracked rusty ceiling. The tremendous, weird mirror lay next to the old-fashioned, unattractive paintings. The old, uncomfortable settee lays near the magical, suspicious rug.

Expanded noun phrases with prepositions

We have been looking at using expanded noun phrases linked with prepositions to describe a scene or setting.

Can you think of a sentence to describe this scene using an expanded noun phrase?

World Book Day Mannequin Challenge

We all took part in the mannequin challenge today with a World Book Day twist.
Which book did you choose from Gringotts?

World Book Day Mannequin Challenge from Mrs Atherton on Vimeo.

Postcard Delivery

We’ve had some very exciting news…

Mr Webb and Room Three have posted on their blog to say that our postcards have arrived. All the way in New Zealand on the other side of the world.

They’ve blogged some photographs of themselves, our postcards and the volcano, Mount Taranki, in the background.

Can you see Mount Taranki on the map? Do the live on North Island or South Island?

Click HERE to visit their class blog.

The Hogwarts Sound Collector

Today we have been adapting the Sound Collector poem and giving it a magical Hogwarts twist.

We all started with the same opening stanza, then we wrote our own stanzas.

Can you share your favourite line from your poem?

A stranger called at Hogwarts this morning

Dressed all in black and grey

Put every sound into a bag

And carried them away.

Owl Delivery!

There was a little owl visitor waiting for us when we came to school this morning with a special delivery for each class.

We got our letter in assembly this morning. What do you think is inside?

We couldn’t wait any longer…

The Stone Age

Can you share a fact on our Padlet or leave a comment about our new topic?

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Postcards to New Zealand

Our volcano postcards are on their way to New Zealand.

How do you think they’ll get there? Which countries might our postcards travel through on their journey? How long do you think it’ll take for them to get there?


Natural Disasters , by Olivia

Natural Disasters

The natural disasters that may occur are volcanoes , Earthquakes , Tsunamis and Tornadoes . Volcanoes are a mountain that shoots out hot lava . Earthquakes are were the earth rapidly shakes and causes a distruption  . Tsunamis are a huge wave that is very very  strong . Tornadoes are a large gust of wind that swurls round and  sucks things in .


Can you find any features of an explanation text in my writing?

Natural Disasters, by Thomas

Natural Disaster

This report will tell you all about the natural disasters from volcanoes , earthquakes and tornadoes. Before making up your mind which is the biggest natural disaster you will need to read this report.

What happens when a volcano is formed?

When a volcano is forming you should be able to feel heat under your feet , see a little lump in the ground and it could be anywhere. The pressure builds up from under ground making a lumpy shape on top. There are 3 stages of a volcano active , dormant and extinct. Active is where it could erupt any second. dormant means it won’t erupt for 1000 years and extinct means it will never erupt again.

How do plates create an earthquake?

To create an earthquake the plates start rubbing against each other and over each other and finally  a split creates a big push on the Earth’s crust which keeps repeating which shakes the ground. An earthquake can last for several seconds or an hour.

How is a tornado formed?

A tornado is formed by when the hot air meets the cold air , there can be rain , thunder and lightening. Lots of big clouds role in and a little funnel appears. It gets bigger but thinner , tornadoes are measured F1 , F2 , F3 , F4 and F5.


Can you find any features of an explanation text in my writing?

Why is earth so angry by Freya

Why is the earth so angry?

This text is all about earthquakes , volcanoes and tornados . All of them are very dangerous but people don’t do anything to cause them. they are called natural disasters.

What happens when a volcano is formed.

A volcano is formed when there is a crack in the earths tectonic plates and the crack gets bigger and pressure starts to form. The pressure  gets so intense and the magma bursts out in an eruption . whilst the magmais still pooring out.


Can you find any features of an explanation text in my writing?

Why is the Earth so angry? by Amelia

Why is the Earth so angry?

Volcanos tornados and Earthquakes are the Earth’s natural disasters which are worse than you think. Did you know disasters are located in the ring of fire?


Can you find any features of an explanation text in my writing?



Why is the earth so angry? By George

A volcano is formed by magma building up in layers in the earths crust also if there is to much temptation in the build up then it will be a horrific, ruining exploit and be critical chances of us not surviving this devilsome disaster.


Can you find any features of an explanation text in my writing?

Why is the world so angry? by Ewan

A volcano is a hill made of rock,however  it can make a crack  in the tectonic plats and makes it erupt. They can erupt and destroys the role city  with balling ash.

Volcans get bigger and bigger and bigger every time  they erupt ,however they can be bigger then a skyscraper. there is to different erupts.


Can you find any features of an explanation text in my writing?

How is a Tornado formed by Keira

How is a tornado formed?

A Tornado is formed by the hot air meeting the cold air. It  forms  a big cloud called collomoninbus . That cloud causes a big thunder storm and a load of wind swirls around .


Can you find any features of an explanation text in my writing?

Why is the earth so angry by Liam

Why is the earth so angry?

There are three types of natural disasters however the they are tsunamis earthquakes and volcanoes.Read more to find out amazing facts

How tsunamis are formed

However tsunamis are very , very dangerous. there formed to get an earthquake under water. Although about three and a half years ago there was a meteor that hit the ocean. As a result it made a massive tsunami that went around the earth several times. so remember there’s an earthquake under water what makes the waves even bigger! Before you know it the water well the tsunami hits the shore it is probably a massive tsunami! Never go near a tsunami or you will probably be swept away. its that powerful to sweep you away I can destroy everything and anything.



Can you find any features of an explanation text in my writing?


Why is the earth so angry?by Xavier

Why is the eart so angry?

This report is going to be about Volcanoes,Earthquakes and Tornadoes. They are all natural disasters however it doesn’t happen in England

Volcanoes can be formed when the fragile tectonic plates move creating a crack then magma spills out!Suddenly it cools creating rock.


Can you find any features of an explanation text in my writing?

Natural Disasters, by Tyler


Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis and how they work.


Tsunamis are huge waves of water that are usually caused by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.As a tsunami approaches the shore, water may recede


Can you find any features of an explanation text in my writing?

Why is the Earth so angry? By Alex

Why is the Earth so angry?

It looks so calm and halmless until it fires out like a bullet covering the town in hot ash and burning lava!A volcano looks just like a mountain although boiling magma is inside.Read on to find out how a volcano is formed.

A volcano is formed with a crack in the tectonic plates.The magma builds up so much pressure as a result of a bigger crack.Then suddenly,the tectonic plates smash into a different position.

Can you find any features of an explanation text in my writing?